ListServ Information

The TAC-Clerk ListServ is a tool to facilitate sharing of information with other clerks by sending a single message that goes to the entire group simultaneously.

The rules, guidelines, and etiquette have been placed in this notice for your review. Thank you in advance for reviewing this information!

CDCAT ListServ Rules and Guidelines

The ListServ is subject to the Open Records Act.

The Open Records Act applies to all listserv emails as well as your County emails. Please do not discuss pros and cons of vendors through the TAC ListServ.

  • The CDCAT will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site;
  • When responding to requested information, if possible, use legal references, statutes, procedures in manuals, established office policies, local rules, etc. to assist with the questions;
  • No political advertisements will be placed on the ListServ;
  • No campaigning for individuals running for office in the CDCAT or clerks nominated for Clerk of the Year;
  • Refrain from opinions or discussions concerning major current events that may be in the media, unless it could pertain to the functions of a clerk’s responsibilities;
  • No political discussion unless directly related to pending litigation concerning the CDCAT;
  • No comments or discussion of religion or religious practices;
  • No jokes of any kind;
  • No defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening or offensive statements;
  • When sending personal notes, Thank You’s, etc., direct to the clerk’s personal email.
  • Care should be taken in posting any information or comments that a participant may find embarrassing or improper at any time;
  • The ListServ is open only to elected/appointed County, District or Combination Clerks or a designated Deputy Clerk who are active or affiliate CDCAT members;
  • Failure to comply with ListServ rules may result in suspension from or termination of list serve privileges;
  • The ListServ will be monitored by the Website/ListServ Committee and Treasurer of the CDCAT Association;

Submit complaints to the CDCAT Treasurer: Patti Henry, Chambers District Clerk at

Managing Your ListServ Account

  • Out of Office – It is recommended that you not use this feature.
  • Sending an email - Use
  • Include a subject line and designate County Clerk, District Clerk or both and refrain from abbreviating with CC or DC;
  • Example: Subject: County Clerk – Marriage License
  • Example: Subject: District Clerk - Inmate Trust Fund
  • Example: Subject: County & District Clerk – Registry Account
  • Responding to ListServ members – click on reply, compose email, and send;
  • Responding to an individual – click on forward, place their email address in the “To” box, compose email and send;

ListServ Etiquette

Forward personal remarks, a thank you, happy birthday, condolences etc. directly to the Clerk by following the instructions:

  1. Highlight the clerk’s email address that is provided in the original email.
  2. Right click on your mouse.
  3. Click on copy.
  4. Click the Forward button.
  5. Place your cursor in the "To:" field.
  6. Right click on your mouse.
  7. Click on paste.
  8. Create your email.
  9. Click on Send.

Additional Notes

  • Make sure your SPAM, firewall, and virus protection is always up to date.
  • Answer emails consecutively so the last answer includes all previous answers at the end of the day, week, etc. It is a great way to have all of the answers in one email to be saved for future reference.
  • Refrain from using the color yellow as your choice of color as it is very difficult to read.
  • Refrain from placing a wallpaper or background on your emails.

If you have any comments, concerns, or corrections to this notice please contact Patti Henry at